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Are you having a headache for industrial heating pipe applications?
  • Frequent changes to the design because there is no suitable electric heating tube
  • The frequent burning of electric heating pipes leads to a heavy burden of after-sales service costs.
  • Mold temperature difference is too large
  • Electric heating tube warms up for too long
  • Electric heating tube leakage
  • Electric heating tube affects product quality
  • Electric heating tube life is too short
  • Electric heating tube temperature can not meet the demand
  • Electric heating tube is easy to break
  • Imported electric heating pipe is expensive and long-term delivery
Factory silhouette - good at quality, management
24-hour technical support and after-sales service for all products sold
SBT industrial single-head electric heating tube 4 advantages
SBT Industrial Single Head Electric Heat Pipe 4 major advantages
To provide you with high quality, customized, cost-effective industrial single-head electric heating tube
The core materials are imported from Europe and the United States, high-end custom raw materials
Professional agent vacuum pump brand products
  • Raw materials are kept in sync with European and American industrial electric heating pipe plants
  • Multi-standard, multi-series batch raw material inventory
More than ten years of experience in industrial single-head electric heating pipe application, research and development, design
Research, Development and Design of Industrial Single Head Electric Heat Pipe with Over Ten Years'Experience in Application
  • Long-term technical guidance for industrial single-head electric heating pipes
  • With more than ten years of experience in R&D and design of industrial single-head electric heating tubes, we can provide you with one-stop industrial electric heating application solutions to meet your various needs.
Have a well-equipped professional service team
Have a complete lean professional services team
  • Exquisite technology, reliable quality and excellent service.
  • With a number of long-term industrial single-head electric heating tube technology research and development technology team, long-term stable production technology team, through superb technology and traceable quality system, strict process control, to provide you with safe and reliable industrial single-head electric heating Tube product
High quality pre-sales and after-sales service, let you rest assured / comfortable
High-quality pre-sale service, so you rest assured / Shuxin
  • Accurate quality, strict delivery, and perfect service are our commitments.
  • Specialists regularly visit old customers, listen to customer feedback, and follow up on maintenance in a timely manner. Commitment to the products purchased by the company, the quality assurance is minimum for one year, and provide technical support for life.
Supor cooperation customer / Partner
Supor Technology
Supor Technology - Industrial single-head electric heating expert
Shenzhen Subot Technology Co., Ltd. is a long-term technical enterprise that serves the research, design and production of industrial single-head electric heating tubes.
Supor specializes in imported single-head electric heating tube, micro-mechanical electric heating tube, precision mold electric heating tube, high-temperature M3 electric heating tube, high-power M3 heating tube, small-diameter machine heating tube, single-head heating rod, mechanical electric heating rod, mold thermoelectric R & D, design, production and sales, according to customer needs to provide the corresponding industrial electric heating solutions and mold temperature measurement, for many years for the packaging industry, plastics industry, Injection molding machine industry , extruder industry, hot runner industry , mold heating industry, 3D glass bending industry , 3D printer industry, automotive industry , metal heat welding industry, plastic welding industry , environmental protection industry, medical industry , aerospace, testing More than 800 customers including equipment , bag making machine industry, unmanned storage and packaging industry, industrial robots and other industries have developed and designed industrial single-head electric heating tube products that meet customer design requirements, and solved industrial single-head electric heating for many customers. Tube application issues. Products are sold to Shenzhen, Dongguan, Shanghai, Kunshan, Taizhou, Huizhou, Ningbo, Xiamen and other places.
Supor will continue to improve as always, to solve the needs of more industrial electric heating pipe customers, to promote the "artisan spirit" of industrial electric heating pipes, to provide assistance for the development of customers.
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The single-head electric heating tube is a type of electric heating tube (tubular electric heating element).
The wire ends are kept clean and dry; the terminals are relatively tightly fastened with two nuts when wiring; when heating some materials such as glue, the power supply voltage should be reduced when starting heating.
Before you ask for a quote, you must first understand your needs. It is best to provide drawings or samples to the manufacturer. Finally, you must confirm the dimensional parameters with the manufacturer.

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