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Mold temperature single head tube

Mold temperature single head tube

Product Details

The mold temperature uniform single-head tube is also called, the mold temperature is designed to heat the rod. In the electric heating tube used in the packaging machine, the quality of the produced product is often caused by the uneven heating of the mold. After years of production research and development, we have reached the domestic top level in the design of the mold temperature uniformity, and the mold temperature can be controlled at ± 1 ° C. At the same time, the advanced production process and high-quality raw materials ensure the service life of the electric heating pipe, and solve a series of problems such as uneven heating of the electric heating pipe in the use of the packaging machine, short life, and easy leakage. At the same time, this electric heating tube can also be made into various shapes and segmented heating designs such as L-shaped and s-shaped to meet various mold requirements, and truly solve various problems of using electric heating tubes on various packaging machines for customers.


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