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Angled single-head electric heating tube

Angled single-head electric heating tube

Product Details

The single-head electric heating tube with angled outlet has the advantages of simple structure, long service life, high thermal efficiency, good mechanical strength, high overall high temperature resistance, electric wire outlet angle can be bent into various shapes and safe use, easy installation and built-in temperature measurement. Features such as components. The heating rod is filled with a high-resistance electrothermal alloy wire as a heating body by a metal tube as a casing, and a high-temperature oxidized fine powder having good insulation performance and high thermal conductivity is filled and compacted around the alloy resistance wire, and according to technical requirements. Welded or annealed and bent, the metal hose is protected from the wire. Suitable for molds, metal castings, mechanical parts, laboratory heat treatment, plastics, rubber machinery, chemical industry heating and insulation.


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