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High temperature explosion-proof electric heater

High temperature explosion-proof electric heater

Product Details

Product Name: High temperature explosion-proof electric heater

Category:High temperature and high power single head electric heating tube

Technical Parameters:

●Electric heating pipe diameter: 12*320mm220v 1000W (can be customized)

●Electric heat pipe: SS321, SS316L, INCOLOY840

●Insulation material: highly imported magnesium oxide powder

●Heating wire: Ni80Cr20

● Watt density: up to 40W/CM2

●Usage temperature: tube table temperature up to 600 ° C

● Input power and power: customized according to needs, power deviation is +5%-10%

●Outline mode: direct or indirect outlet

● With temperature measurement model: using imported temperature sensing line (K type, J type)


●High service life, advanced design of internal structure, imported high-purity magnesia new rod and filling material, super thermal conductivity.

●Using special grinding equipment to ensure the appearance of the previous appearance, closely match the assembly of the equipment, with high thermal efficiency and fast heat dissipation.

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Note: The above is part of the data, D: pipe diameter, W: power, L: pipe length



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