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2mm stainless steel single head tube

2mm stainless steel single head tube

Product Details

2mm stainless steel single-head pipe is also called micro-shaped single-head electric heating pipe and small-diameter heating rod. Its pipe diameter is only 2mm. It is used in the space with very small hole. Because its pipe diameter is very small, its production process is different from ordinary. Single head tube, higher cost.


◆Design advantage

Each single-head tube will be confirmed by its own internal design (proofing-testing-modification-confirmation-production) process, and the order will be produced after confirmation, meeting the customer's high standard custom product requirements.

◆Process advantage

The wire-wrapping process, powder filling process and shrinking process independently developed and designed greatly improve the performance of the product.

◆Product advantage

80% of customers are peer customers, and OEMs produce high-end products such as Germany, the United States, and Japan.

◆Material advantage

The products use the world's top materials, the quality meets or exceeds the same products in Europe and the United States, and the price is only 40% of the similar products in Europe and the United States, to meet the high quality needs of customers.

◆Technical advantages

The diameter of the single-head pipe is 2mm minimum, the length of the pipe is 10mm, the temperature is 1000°C, the power can reach 65w/cm2, and the temperature difference between the molds can be controlled at ±1°C.

◆Quality advantage

Every production process is tested to ensure product quality

◆Quality advantage

The single-head tube we make is a machine accessory, not a consumable item. It has a longer service life and a one-year warranty (you can order a single-head tube with the same life as your machine)

◆Scale advantage

The largest production workshop in the industry, with more than 100 production equipments and more than 60 testing equipments, can meet the inventory of one year production volume, specializing in the production of single-head tubes to meet your short-term delivery requirements for mass production.

◆ Talent advantage

Professional and technical personnel specializing in the production, design, research and development of single-head tube and thermocouple

◆Service advantage

Immediate and professional pre-sales and after-sales service team, the problems encountered by customers during the process of use, our company's service personnel give clear solutions within 24 hours

1. The production cycle of the product is generally 5-7 days, the customized production cycle is 2-5 days, and the special requirements need to cooperate to develop electric heating products for 15-30 days.

2. Freely select/design a single-head tube and thermocouple suitable for the user according to the special needs of the customer (if the customer can design it by himself, refer to the selection guide or provide drawings to inform us of relevant product information)

3, welcome customers to sample custom, you can play the customer's own logo, but please officially notify us before production, and confirm the design according to the sample

4. Quality Assurance: The warranty period is one year under the normal conditions of the design scope. During this period, the quality problem will be directly replaced.



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