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Die uniform temperature single end heating rod

Die uniform temperature single end heating rod

Product Details

Product Name: Mold Uniform temperature single end heating rod

Category: Mold uniform temperatureSingle-head electric heat pipe

Technical parameters

Pipe material: Stainless steel seamless pipe, welded pipe, copper pipe, brass pipe, carbon steel pipe.
Voltage can be designed as: 12-440V; Power: 50W-20KW

Power deviation: The component with a rated power of less than or equal to 100W is: ±10%.

For components with a rated power greater than 100W, it is +5%~-10% or 10W, taking a larger value in both.

Conventional shape single-head electric heat pipe is generally divided into:

High power density (heating zone electric heat pipe exterior area power 12-25W/cm2); medium and low power density (heating zone electric heat pipe exterior area power 5-11W/cm2, operating temperature ≤300℃)

Common pipe Diameter: Φ22,Φ20,Φ18,Φ16,Φ14,Φ12,Φ10,Φ8.5,Φ8,Φ6.5,Φ6
Materials are: 10# iron, T4 copper, 1Cr18 Ni9Ti stainless steel, Ti titanium and so on.
Surface treatment: All kinds of nickel plating, passivation, blackening, spraying. Non-standard, customized according to customer needs!

Electrical performance: Long-term placement insulation value greater than 50MΩ, leakage current less than 0.5mA


Note: The above is part of the data, D: Pipe diameter, W: Power, L: pipe length



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