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Fixed baffle anti-vibration M3 electric heating tube

Fixed baffle anti-vibration M3 electric heating tube

Product Details

The fixed block anti-vibration M3 electric heating tube is also called the fixed block anti-vibration heating rod. The structure is to weld a circular or plate-shaped piece at the nozzle of the single-head electric heating pipe to meet the requirements of the customer's installation occasion for fixing the position of the heating pipe. The product features fast heating and high temperature. It is widely used for heating in places with high temperature error requirements. If the customer needs to heat up quickly, the surface load can be increased to make a high-power single-head heating tube. Mainly used for heating molds or machine parts, often used for small mold heating, die casting, mold, gas heating, test equipment, etc. The company has a large-scale production workshop, with more than 100 various production equipments and more than 60 testing equipments, which can meet the inventory of one year of production. It specializes in producing single-head tubes to meet the short-term delivery requirements of large-scale production. Professional and technical personnel specialize in the production, design, research and development of single-head tube and thermocouple, and the quality of products is strictly controlled.



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