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Zhejiang Shaoxing customer direct outlet single head tube + thermocouple order
- 2019-04-01-

Zhejiang Shaoxing customers:

Order line item 1. Direct outlet single head pipe diameter ¢ 12MM*820MM Voltage 220V Power 1000W Use temperature 200 degree average temperature design temperature difference ± °C Heating time 5 minutes line length 600MM (continuous heating working frequency 20 times / minute reciprocating meter rotary motion Movement angle 90 degrees) Suitable for high-demand mobile mold heating, used in automatic box-opening machine, semi-automatic / fully automatic baler, portable baler, semi-automatic / automatic sealing machine, semi-automatic / fully automatic laminating machine , shrinking machines, wrapping machines and other industrial packaging machinery.

2. Thermocouple opening according to M6 thread length 10MM Temperature probe outer diameter 4.5*4MM Used to measure the temperature of gas or liquid in the furnace, pipeline and solid surface temperature, usually with display instrument, recording instrument and electronic adjustment Used in conjunction with the device.

Thermocouples are mainly classified into: fixed device type [thermocouples are the main means of temperature measurement, and they are widely used. Therefore, there are many requirements for fixing devices and technical performance. Therefore, thermocouple fixing devices are divided into six types: no fixed device type, Threaded, fixed flange, movable flange, movable flange angle, tapered protection tube.

Assembly and structure [Depending on the performance structure of the thermocouple, it can be divided into: special thermocouples such as detachable thermocouple, flameproof thermocouple, armored thermocouple and pressure spring fixed thermocouple.

The order is packed and ready to be packed and sent to the customer. Thank you for your support and trust!


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