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Shanxi Taiyuan customer single head pipe order
- 2019-03-28-

Shanxi Taiyuan customers:

Order line number 1. Single head tube diameter ɸ 10*222MM, voltage 220V, power 250W. Used in environmental protection equipment, automation industrial control equipment and medical equipment...

Material and performance: Stainless steel material [pipe body is made of high quality seamless stainless steel material, high temperature and oxidation resistance]; use coreless grinding equipment [high standardization of pipe diameter, close cooperation with equipment, assembly with thermal efficiency, high heat dissipation, thermal conductivity Stable, the wire can be used in the environment for a long time, and the mechanical properties are stable.

The classification of our single head pipe

A grade single head tube: suitable for temperatures up to 400 ° C, mainly used in plastics, rubber, mold materials

AA grade: An is an enhanced version of the A-grade product, the main temperature is within 450 °C

AAA level: 500-900 °C

LA: Direct outlet single-head electric heating tube is suitable for the whole high temperature or frequent moving mold

SA: The general name of various shaped electric heating pipes

The order is packaged and packaged, ready for shipment and sent to the customer. Thank you for your trust and support!


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