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Buckle thermocouple

Buckle thermocouple

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Buckle thermocouple

Thermocouples and RTDs are components that measure temperature. Thermal resistors are components whose resistance changes with temperature, while thermocouples are components whose thermoelectric potential (voltage) changes with temperature. Generally, the thermal resistance is used at low temperature, and the thermocouple is used at high temperature. 1. The application temperature range is different for the thermal resistance and is generally used for 300 degrees or less. The thermocouple is generally used for the above 300 degrees. 2. The different thermal resistances of the material are generally pure metal resistance wire. Into, the thermocouple is generally made of two alloys of different materials. 3. Wiring (compensation). Different thermocouples need a special two-wire compensation wire to pull out the signal. The thermal resistance is generally three copper wires. 4. Different thermal resistance of the signal. The resistance value corresponds to the measured temperature, and the thermocouple is a millivolt level signal corresponding to the measured temperature. Related products are: mold thermocouple , mold temperature measurement .


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